About Company

YI JIE CONSTRUCTION is a comprehensive renovation company that specializes in a wide range of kitchen cabinet supplies. We pride ourselves as kitchen cabinet specialists that aim to provide you with a customized kitchen cabinet solution.

Besides, we also provide a wide range of construction services such as stonework, laminate floor, tiles work, grill & rail, plaster ceiling, sandblast, plumbing, awning, etc. Please feel free o contact us for any further inquiries that you may have.

Why Choose Us

Long Life / Durable

Our kitchen cabinet door will surprise you with its higher life span. Prevent it from peeling off and fading away with its strong sealant layer.

Modern Design

The kitchen is the hub of the home. Make sure that it is all set up with the latest and greatest, most stylish and most functional.

Heat & Fire Resistant

Fire & heat resistant, our kitchen cabinet can last for years without fading, peeling, or cracking.

Bacteria Resistant

With antibacterial properties, your kitchen cabinet is a safe place to store your food. It's also excellent at storing cooking tools, plates, and almost anything else in the kitchen.

Anti Rust

We know you want your kitchen to look good and last for many years. That's why we created our best-selling, long-lasting kitchen cabinets that won't rust.

Anti Termites

The best way to save your house from termites is to construct a termite free kitchen cabinet. Our anti-termite kitchen cupboard is eco-friendly and safe.

Easy Clean

Our products are made so they are always easy to maintain and can be used in any kitchen or home design.


These water-resistant cabinets will make it a breeze to keep your household organized by storing all your dishes inside.

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3G Panel

4G Glass

Table Top

Euro Style

Hanging Door

Performance Folding Door

Performance Sliding Door

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